Workshop 2

In Canberra today, Prime Minister Tony Abbott launched a new environmental initiative in conjunction with the Greens and the Australian Conservation party designed to better inform rural Australians about the benefits of wind farming.



Workshop 1 – exercise in inverted pyramid writing

Two trucks collide on Hume Freeway

Last night at 11pm on the Hume Freeway two trucks collided, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage and delaying traffic for 45 minutes. No one was injured in the accident, which occurred when one truck swerved into the path of another, reportedly to avoid a kangaroo which ran onto the road. The collision happened 5km north of Seymour at around 11pm. Fuel from both trucks created an oil slick and one of the trucks was carrying refrigerated goods which thawed and were ruined – with an estimated loss of $10,000.

Bill Mason was driving the truck which was hit and claimed he was travelling at 50km an hour when the other driver, who was apparently travelling at 80km swerved into his path. “I thought I was going to die” said Bill. Tom Piper, the driver of the other truck, claims that “Something, I think it was a kangaroo, ran out into the road” and he swerved to avoid it, causing the collision. “Lucky the other fella had his seat belt on.”